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In this world of marketing hyperbole & claims which are being questioned. Consumers are bewildered and turning skeptic to brands with mega budgets, advertising and claims. More so, beauty as a category is full of flowery claims, flowery science and unreal transformation stories. Beauty needs a brand that rids consumers of this smoke-screen. A brand that takes the conversation back to intrinsic of quality, better research, science, quality of ingredients, real demonstrable results, and proof vs. promises.

Olique believes in science and not in magical remedies. And that's the reason we don't use any fancy models, fancy jingles or magical transformation to beauty queens. We believe that to get good hair and healthy scalp, you need to put your faith in science rather than myths or magical remedies.

We have a world class research team which comprise of the best scientists from USA and India who are experts in the science of hair care. These best brains have worked tirelessly for the last 3 years to come up with innovative, high quality and effective hair care products under the brand name of Olique.

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We believe in true science and no magic. This belief in true science has enabled us to look for viable innovative solutions for hair care problems like dandruff and hairfall which is not solved by ordinary shampoos and hair oils. Our scientists are the best minds from USA and India and they have deep understanding of science behind dandruff and hair fall. Our products are specially formulated and clinically proven for superior efficacy over current products in the market.

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In these days of Information age, it is unfortunate that you are not given the right information about the problems of dandruff, hair fall and how to cure and eliminate the same. Olique believes in giving the right and rich information to the consumer to make the informed choice. In our hair-o-pedia we are attempting to inform our consumers the reasons behind common hair problems like dandruff and hair fall and we are trying to break the common myths around such problem by giving you insights into science.

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Hair Gurus

The best minds of the hair care are working behind Olique. These are people who are experts in hair and hair problems and solutions for the same...

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Every day is unique for Olique. For latest happenings...

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